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Terms and Conditions

Rules for the “Kids Days” event


1. Eligibility

Participation in Kids Days is open to anyone subject to compliance with the terms and conditions below.

By participating in Kids Days, you confirm that you will obey the instructions given by the organizers at all times and that you will not endanger other participants, volunteers or organizers or damage the equipment or structures of the event. event.  

You agree to respect all instructions given by the organizers during the event as well as the terms of these regulations.  

If you refuse one or more terms of these regulations, you are asked not to participate in the event.


2. Inappropriate behavior

The organizers are committed to ensuring that the event takes place in a safe and respectful environment for all participants.  We reserve the right to remove any person who, in our reasonable opinion, is disruptive to the event, or who fails to comply with applicable rules or standards of conduct.  Reasons we may remove a participant may include, but are not limited to: any aggressive, threatening, intimidating or violent behavior towards another participant, organizer or volunteer; any behavior that constitutes a violation of the law or applicable security rules; Any behavior that undermines the dignity or integrity of another participant, organizer or volunteer; any behavior that is considered inappropriate or offensive, including any offensive or discriminatory language.

If a participant is withdrawn from the event for one of the reasons mentioned above, no refund or compensation will be granted.  The participant must leave the premises immediately and may be subject to permanent exclusion from any event organized in the future by the organizers.


3. Ticketing

All participants over the age of 3 must purchase a ticket to access the event.  Tickets can be purchased online or on site and are non-refundable.


4. Liability

The organizers are not responsible for any injuries, damages or losses suffered by participants during the event.


5. Security

All participants must comply with the safety rules in force on the site.  Children must be under adult supervision at all times.

The organizers decline all responsibility in the event of injury or damage suffered by a child participating in one of the activities offered.  Parents or legal guardians of children or persons entrusted with the care of a child are fully responsible for the supervision and safety of their children or children in their care during the event.

The organizers will endeavor to put in place all reasonable safety measures to prevent accidents, but cannot be held responsible in the event of an incident.

By agreeing to participate in the event, parents or legal guardians of participating children release the organizers from any liability for any injury or damage suffered by a child during the event.


6. Health

You consent (on your behalf and/or on behalf of a minor participant if applicable) to any emergency and hospital medical treatment, first aid, medications, medical or surgical treatments deemed advisable or necessary by medical personnel. qualified in the event of injury, accident or illness during your participation in the event.


7. Discharge and compensation

You acknowledge that you (and/or the Minor Participant if applicable) participate in the Event at your own risk. You hereby release the Organizers, their owners, subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, medical advisors, promotional agencies, sponsors and venue owners, and each of their respective members, agents, directors, contractors, officers, consultants, and representatives (together, the “Released Parties”), from any liability and claims arising from your participation in the Event, except for any death or personal injury caused by the negligence of the organizers.

By participating in the Event, you accept all risks associated with it (or that the Minor Participant incurs), including but not limited to accidents, falls, slips, negligent acts of other participants or weather effects. You also acknowledge that participation is a potentially dangerous activity where injury may occur.

You are fully responsible for the maintenance, condition and safety of all personal property and/or equipment you bring and/or use during the Event, including but not limited to cell phones and cameras. You are also responsible for any property left in a bag drop area or locker room operated by the organizers.

You agree to protect and hold harmless the Released Parties from any losses, damages, costs, expenses and demands arising from any claim or legal action brought against them, whether by you, the Minor Participant, your estate or a third parties resulting from your actions (or those of the Minor Participant) during the Event.

The organizers cannot be held responsible for any indirect or consequential loss or damage arising from your participation in the Event.


8. Intellectual property

Exhibitors are responsible for the intellectual property of their products and materials.  The organizers will not be held responsible for intellectual property violations.


9. Data protection

Participants' personal information will be stored and used by the organizers (and shared with its event partners) for the purpose of managing the event.  The use of email will be favored by the organizers to communicate with participants.


10. Photography

By participating in this event, the Participant agrees that photographs, audio and video recordings, or images may be captured during the event and used for promotional or documentation purposes, without limitation of location or time.  By participating, you agree to waive any rights of publicity or privacy in connection with these recordings, as well as any claims or financial compensation in connection with the use of these recordings.  The Participant also acknowledges that the use of these recordings will not be detrimental to his reputation, his private life or his dignity and consents to the use of the recordings by the organizers and its partners for promotional or documentation purposes.  

We are aware of the need to protect minors and their privacy.  If a legal representative wishes to request the removal of a photo or recording of a minor taken during an event, please contact us via the contact form on our site with the following information: Full name of the legal representative; Full name of the minor; Description of the photo.  We undertake to process these requests as quickly as possible and remove the photos concerned, unless the law requires us to retain them for legal or security reasons.


11. Cancellation

The organizers reserve the right to modify the format of the event or cancel it in the event of force majeure or emergency, including but not limited to: extreme weather conditions; Natural disasters ; threatened or actual strikes, riots, armed conflicts or civil unrest; infectious diseases or pandemics; fires ; acts of terrorism; earthquakes ; cases of force majeure.  The organizers will not be required to reimburse participants in the event of emergencies or force majeure as defined above.

The organizers will make all reasonable efforts to notify participants of any changes or cancellations as soon as possible, using the data provided during registration or by any other appropriate means.


12. Terms and Conditions

You agree that these terms and conditions supersede any prior understanding between you and the Organizers regarding the rights granted and may only be modified by written agreement signed by both parties.

Each provision of these terms and conditions is severable. If any provision (or part thereof) of these terms and conditions is held to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable, or would be valid, binding and enforceable if part of the provision were deleted or modified, then the provision will apply with the minimum modifications necessary to make it valid, binding and enforceable, and the remainder shall remain in force.

By registering for the event, the participant acknowledges and accepts that, in accordance with article VI.53.12* of the Code of Belgian Economic Law, he does not have a right of withdrawal after having registered. .  The participant therefore expressly waives his right of withdrawal and undertakes to participate in the event. Each order for admission tickets is therefore immediately upon confirmation binding and obligated to accept and pay for the ordered tickets.

Any dispute between the participant and the event organizer will be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Belgium.  Any dispute arising from or in connection with participation in the event or with these terms and conditions will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Brussels, even if a participant does not have a general place of jurisdiction in Belgium, or if the domicile or habitual residence is not known at the time the action is brought.  The validity of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods is excluded.

The event is organized by Magic and Wonders sprl (“the organizers”, “we”, “us” and “our”), located at Rue Kasterlinden, 11 – 1802 Brussels.




By purchasing a ticket for Kids Days, participants acknowledge having read and accepted the terms and conditions aboves.

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